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Soft Set Honey

Soft Set Honey

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Soft set Honey

This Soft set honey is made by moving our Beehives over to a Oil seed rape field near ripon, this type of nectar produces a really thick set honey, we will then cream it in order to make it more spreadable…perfect for toast!

At Herd & Hive, we have lots of Bee hives within our apiary that we care for on a daily basis. Our Honey bees are not fed any sugar or substitutes, they collect pollen from all local flowers, brambles and crops and turn it into the gorgeous honey we all know so well.

We do not add any additional ingredients or do any processing. The Honey is filtered as we remove it from the hive and then straight into a jar for you. 

Due to this honey containing no preservatives or added ingredients, it may crystalize if kept in a cool environment. This is a natural process that would occur in the hive if the temperatures got a little chilly too - if this happens, don't worry, just pop the jar in a bowl of warm water and the honey will soon turn back into the runny consistency

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