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Bee's for sale

Bee's for sale

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Now 2024 queen's only!!

Getting your first bee’s for your new hive setup is exciting and also can be quite intimidating. We are proud to state that we rear and produce the best quality bees, localised to the wilds of the Yorkshire countryside. We also feel ensuring their new home with you is the very best that it can be and won't just sell our bees online without endeavouring to know this is correct, it's all part of good husbandry.

This means we will work with you to help answer questions and offer support long before your bees actually arrive, and help with transferring the bees to your hive on delivery day.

Our 5/6 frame overwintered nucs of bees for sale will be established colonies that have survived the previous winter. They will be headed by a proven queen from the year before.  The bees are raised local to Yorkshire, in and around Skipton. They are calm and gentle - a pleasure to handle. 

The nuc will contain 6 self-spacing Hoffman frames with British National dimensions. The frames will have honeybee brood in all stages - this means there will be eggs, larvae and sealed brood. There will also be frames of food/stores. The nuc will have lots of bees. The queen will be marked. The queen will not be clipped.

All our bees are treated for varroa. We can tell you the treatment we have used and dates.

£250 per Nucleus

Free delivery within 20 miles of skipton.

For all queries regarding bees please contact Matthew on 07719200933 

A £50 non refundable deposit is required to secure a nucleus , the balance will be requested before delivery.

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